on *:TEXT:!title:#: {

  ;; create a JSON handle
  ;; that will retrieve data from a url(-u)
  ;; but wait(-w) for /JSONHttpFetch to be called before making the request
  ;; once this script finishes, destroy the handle(-d)
  JSONOpen -uwd streamtitle https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/channels/ $+ $remove($chan,$chr(35))

  ;; Set the Client-ID request header
  JSONHttpHeader streamtitle Client-ID avm4vi7zv0xpjkpi3d4x0qzk8xbrdw8

  ;; make the request to twitch
  JSONHttpFetch streamtitle

  ;; check for errors and that the response from twitch's servers
  ;; contains a value for 'status'
  if (!$JSONError && $JSON(streamtitle, status).value !== $null) {

    ;; msg the channel with that value
    msg $chan [Title] $v1

  ;; an error occurred
  else {
    msg $chan [Title] An error occured